A Change Of Season

A Change Of Season

A Change Of Season 150 150 Stacey Louiso


As I sit soaking in Your creation,
the base of a wise tree before me,
for a change of season.
Singular leaves fall, quietly.
Slowly drifting downward from an unknown height;
ever knowing their flight will land them safely down.
This is a sanctuary,
a sacred place where many a foot has tread the hills and sought peace of mind.
A place for souls to rest in You,
for You are omnipresent.
Your whisper is a wind that moves through the trees,
rustling leaves into a trickling motion.
Yet therein remains a stillness found only, truly and perpetually, in You:
Creator. Creation. Creating.
Oneness. Stillness. Peace.
My soul rests in You (LORD of all creation).


Stacey Louiso

Perpetually the optimist, Stacey Louiso seeks the Truth and beauty in everything around her. Thus inspiring her to lay the foundation for attribute magazine.com, an online publication she created/operated from 2007-2010. She went on to co-author and edit the Christian non-fiction book Walking Through Fiery Trials: A Year of Loss, Learning and Faith with the amazing Mary Pat Jones (Barringer Publishing, 2011) and has been blessed to continue serving others in their writing efforts, as an editor and mentor. Stacey is a poet and worship artist, who presently serves in street outreach and art ministry in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. A disciple of Jesus Christ, lover of life and an adventurer in spirit, she aspires to make the world a better, more positive place for anyone with ears to hear. Stacey attributes any successes to her personal relationship with Jesus Christ who gives her hope and strength through all things, integrity, and an unending supply of inspiration. Learn more about Stacey Louiso via her website/blog: www.writingdownlife.com

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