A Prayer To Be Heard

A Prayer To Be Heard

A Prayer To Be Heard 150 150 Julia Putzke

Hello Lord,
it’s me, inside
cave of adullum.
I can’t see in this
dark, but it isn’t dark
to You is it? It is light.
Shiny, spreading wide
arms to embrace my face
I’ve pressed into the dust.

Lord, I know what You say,
Love is still a worthy cause
even as words become a cut
across the skin of your heart.
I’ve took the ache upon the cross.
I’m faithful to love you
in your unbelief.

I saw what I saw.
The anger, frustration, sorrow.
The eye’s of a beggar; what must I do
to garner your affection for a second of this hour?
my heart sits quiet with sadness
I’ve grown accustomed to wear.

Hear me, LORD, as I say this
prayer; come with who You are.
Come with patience, kindness,
come with hope, belief.
I’ve been here, bearing the wait
with my humanity on display,
& maybe my honesty has taken you aback.

But your reality, your word promises
you never leave nor forsake me.
You will restore all the locusts have eaten.

Love never fails.

You tenderly lead and guide.
You hold me by my right hand.
You give me Your peace, not to be anxious or afraid.
You are not a God of confusion.
You bring your goodness, from you to me.
It’s not about I do for you but what you do for me.

You invite me to the table.
You give the desires of my heart.
To be loved, chosen, helpful, to have a few faithful friends,
and to be one
in return.
But mostly Jesus,
I want to know You without
being terrified.

So come, Lord, come.


Julia Putzke

Julia Putzke lives in Georgia. Her view on life may be sideways to some, quiet and contemplative even, but it may something to do with staring at the sky for long periods of time. She also loves life talks and Chai tea. You can find her writing poems every Friday on her blog, crippledatYourtable.wordpress.com, along with occasional book reviews. She has one book of poetry, He Bled, My End, which you can find on Lulu.

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