A Stone’s Throw Away

A Stone’s Throw Away

A Stone’s Throw Away 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Reference: John 10:22-42

Snake oil comes in so many forms,
Blood red elixirs of heavy elements
mixed with fermented fruit
Bright green bottles
over-filled with empty promise
When I see a man doing good works
I worry about his intentions
Dark clouds of disappointment
lined with cold logic roll across the sky
I fear the heart of the matter is not
the salesman, his product or the pitch
It is the inkling of the little bell in my head,
ringing ever louder
When he speaks of miraculous events
I wonder where he is headed
Healing and comfort flow
Effortless- from his hands and words
He has found the answer
to the questions I’m not willing to ask
Pondering this ringing of bells,
the great schism of mind and heart
I’m faced with choices of character,
growth and united opportunity
only to find the bell rings
and instinctively
reach for a stone

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is a former high school dropout and jail cook who now lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife of over 30 years. He is a skilled poet and graphic illustrator.

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