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I suppose New has something to say for itself
In the way a country song plays
Over the driving I do on back roads
It’s a song I’m not singing because you see
I don’t know the words yet.
But perhaps the stillness is enough
Or even yet the rocking
When the night makes clear the curvature of the earth
By means of half a moon
And clouds filled with silver linings
Those same clouds that by sunlight
Remind me how tall is the sky.
So I drive and listen
To the words I’ll sing soon
And I think about
The way Spring clothes the dogwoods in pink and white and
About the new mason jar in the cupboard
Holding more water
Than my old one.



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Stephanie DiMaria

A graduate of Calvin College, Stephanie is a middle-school Latin teacher at a private school in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. She is co-author of the book 40 Days of Art and Literature: A Prayer Journal, available on Amazon. When she isn't writing or teaching, Stephanie can usually be found near good food and good company.

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