All There Is Is Everything

All There Is Is Everything

All There Is Is Everything 1920 1280 Patrick Connors

Beautiful vision, born of barren Earth
Can’t really sense how we don’t understand
Until seasons in time when we’re not blind
Won’t see all You said all along is true

I await You, for in faith You will come
When I’m made ready, not before Your time
I empty myself to make room for You
Feel my heart soar as it follows The Way

Learned the fear in impure imperfect love
Of torment and bitterness all alone
Transformed by the fire which fell like a dove
Never to leave us to be on our own

Moved by the force that started it all
Led by mighty enrapturing Spirit
Refreshed I take up the journey anew
Wherever it leads I’m ready to follow

I now know what I thought what was was wrong
No matter the times I’m not on my own
Own to my weakness I’m made ever strong
For inside Your arms I am never alone

Ours is not to question the reason why
Yet always embrace all which we receive
Give thanks and give praise, to serve and to share
All we are given, without hesitation

Please grant us the blessing to be aware
Forever we shall hear Your sweet wondrous voice
Amidst turmoil and noise from all around
That we may be founded upon the right choice

In the most Holy Name of Jesus Christ.
In Whom I am compelled to pray. Amen.


Patrick Connors

Pat Connors' chapbook, Scarborough Songs, was published by Lyricalmyrical Press in 2013, and charted on the Toronto Poetry Map.  Part-Time Contemplative, his second chapbook with Lyricalmyrical, was released in 2016. He is a native of Toronto, ON.

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