Just A Little Bit Longer

Just A Little Bit Longer

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album-coverAmick Cutler
Just A Little Bit Longer
2014 / 8 Tracks / 56 minutes

You know the feeling.
Something new. It could be a scene in a movie, a line in a book or play, a chorus. Something that stops you dead in your tracks. Strips you of thought. Commands your full attention. Makes you wonder where its been all your life.
“There is no one like our God.”
This is the opening line of Amick Cutler’s live worship album, “Just A Little Bit Longer”, and it, in its clarity and simplicity, gave me that feeling. Amick’s voice, at once beautiful and worn, is a revelation. A silencer. We don’t use the word ‘best’ on ALTARWORK, but I can say that this is hands down my favorite worship album. Ever.
So what does it sound like? A first-rate, post-rock, slow-burn build of an album where the shortest song clocks in at over five minutes. Throw in a little blues, traditional worship melodies, walls of electric guitar, and a cacophony of explosive crescendos. And that voice.
“Just A Little Bit Longer” opens with “Holy”, which, with its slow-strummed opening and powerful chorus, sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Let The Redeemed” flat-out rocks, and sounds so good that you’d swear that it was studio-recorded (applause at the end nullifies that notion). “Lay Your Burdens” is smoldering alternative blues. “I Belong” is soaring and anthemic.
And the two best tracks, the title track and “Life” (one of my favorite songs in recent memory — a song I played for my life group), are so emotionally heavy, so post-rock epic, that they simply consume everything around them. “Just A Little Bit Longer” has a beautiful chorus (“You’re my one and only/The answer to my story/The only hope of glory/Let Your spirit come/Jesus come empower/Come this very hour/Releasing fresh annointing/Forever we will bring offering to our King”). “Life” is a song of praise, a song with incredible passion. A song that, I’ll admit, made me weep in trying times. Its bridge (“Come, He has come/Lift your eyes toward the Son/He has come to give life to everyone”) has a tremendous build and crashes like waves to the final chorus (“Jesus, King who reigns forever/Blessed One my savior/Friend of mine/Lover/All consuming fire/Died to bring us freedom from this fight”). It’s breathtaking.
This is a worship album in the purest sense. It’s not an album that you throw on for one three-minute pop song and then skip to another artist. It’s an album that’s meant to be taken in whole, from beginning to end, and immersed in. It’s an album that’s meant to guide worship, both in church and personal settings. It will make you want to worship.
Amick, whose life has been far from easy (he lost his younger sister to cancer when he was fifteen), bleeds earnestness and yearning in his voice. When he beckons, “Come Lord Jesus, Come”, it’s no superficial want for the apocalypse — it’s an aching desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit. “Just A Little Bit Longer” is just that — filled with the Holy Spirit.
It’s a blessing in itself. This is an album so emotionally raw that it will leave you exhausted, relieved, and, ultimately, at peace. It’s something we all should experience. Amick has been kind enough to offer the entire album as a free download. Get it here. Support him. This is the pinnacle of modern worship music.
Review by Jason Ramsey


Amick Cutler

Amick was born an artist, and began playing and writing music at the age of 15, shortly after his younger sister lost a battle with cancer. It was her contagious love for life and for Jesus that impacted his heart for worship and made a significant impact on his calling as a child of God. That calling has been nurtured over the last 15 years of leading worship for various churches, ministries and events throughout Florida.

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  • i just listened. so good. sometimes heart wrenching. I want to download the album (wow, for free?!) but Jason, I am tecnologically challenged 🙁 how do I do it? can I put it into iTunes? that’s the only way I know how to get it on to my iPod.

    • Peg – I’ll make it easier for you. Check your Facebook messages…Thanks for listening! Amick has a unique voice, and he writes quite powerful songs. You should have a listen to this, too…