An Untangling

An Untangling

An Untangling 150 150 Cailey Johanna

Dear God:

If I could find you in human form,
my tears would water you.
If I could hold perfume
in an alabaster jar and pour
my fears out on your feet,
I would honor you with kisses.

I could kiss every toe,
wash the dust away in the drops
that have sprung up from my heart.

This crying has entangled me,
and if I could find you in human form
I would untangle myself
onto your sandals.
I would pour out myself,
my most expensive perfume, my value,
and I would cry until
you said my name,
until you set to words my forgiveness
and explained the absence of my debt.

I would cry until all my tears
had soaked into everything
that you are, everything
that you have always been.
I would cry until every tear
belonged to you,
until I belonged to you.


Cailey Johanna

Cailey Johanna has been writing poetry since she learned how to speak. She grew up between Mexico and Colorado and is currently living in Vermont. She has been published in Willard and Maple, Rose Petal Review, and Prisma magazine. You can find more of her work by reading her blog: or through Odyssey Online:

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