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Aidan Rogers

Christian Confessional

Christian Confessional 1920 1280 Aidan Rogers

Let’s get something straight – as Christians, we are not immune from the same kind of thinking that the world has about prayer (or about any number of other spiritual…

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The Servant’s Ear

The Servant’s Ear 150 150 Aidan Rogers

One of the greatest tragedies of our time is the number of persons who have been severely wounded by the church, by us, who are not given the opportunity to…

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Peering Around The Legs Of Saints

Peering Around The Legs Of Saints 150 150 Aidan Rogers

“No, no. We can’t go in there,” she said in a hushed whisper. “That room is holy.” Even at the tender age of 3, my heart heard the implication: and…

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