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1920 1285 Beckie Lindsey

I’m awake and I don’t want to be. It’s too dark to be near dawn. I curl on my side, drawing the blankets over my shoulders, hunkering down in the…

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Before You Make A New Year’s Resolution

4162 2106 Beckie Lindsey

I used to make a New Year’s resolutions. But over the last few years, I’ve started something…well, uh… NEW which I’ll share with you in a little while. But first,…

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Homeless At Christmas

2500 1666 Beckie Lindsey

I parked my car in a coveted parking space directly in front of Starbucks. I was glad for a short walk since it was cold enough to snow. I locked…

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Prayerwalking: Taking Back Our Nation One Neighborhood At A Time

1700 1275 Beckie Lindsey

ARE YOU FEELING HELPLESS ABOUT THE STATE OF OUR NATION AS WE APPROACH THE ELECTIONS? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. According to a poll in May 2016 taken…

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My Soul Cries Out

1920 1440 Beckie Lindsey

Evidence spills with each sunrise dispelling doubt and fear A promise of restoration says I was made for more Prisoner of self-imposed reprisal Hope evaporates in shadow Darkness swallows the…

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The Girl With Hazel Eyes

1920 1280 Beckie Lindsey

Where has she gone? That young girl from so long ago. The memory eludes me like a cloud covering over the sun. She had dark hair and large hazel eyes.…

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I’m Glad You Came Today

2000 1335 Beckie Lindsey

There she sits; staring out the window, Tranquil like the snow that falls outside. Her back is to me, Draped in a pale blue gown, White hair standing on end.…

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Five Types Of Christians God Won’t Use

2139 1961 Beckie Lindsey

It’s been over twenty years since I prayed this prayer: “Lord, take all of my life and use me however you choose.” Then I gulped, closed my eyes tightly and held my…

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