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Becky Hastings

Are We Playing Church?

Are We Playing Church? 1920 1079 Becky Hastings

There are two versions of me. I walk up to those big double doors on a Sunday morning and suddenly, I change. I push down all those things that I’ve…

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When You’re Overwhelmed By All The Bad

When You’re Overwhelmed By All The Bad 1920 1195 Becky Hastings

As I write this, the news screams awful. Today it’s brutal shootings and unjust rape sentencing and a so many murders in a club, senseless violence and hate that I cannot, will not,…

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Faith Like Waves

Faith Like Waves 1920 1280 Becky Hastings

My faith comes in waves. Sometimes small and rhythmic, beating to the pulse of my heart, His heart. I walk each step but a moment away from the next beat…

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What It Really Takes To Believe

What It Really Takes To Believe 1898 1404 Becky Hastings

We toss around words like faith and believe easily lobbing them back and forth in some imaginary game. We play as if the only goal is to keep them up…

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Who Are You?

Who Are You? 2000 1335 Becky Hastings

Who do you think you are? The voice whispers condescending in my ear. I know why it was a snake in the garden. It’s something about the hiss. My answer…

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When The Storm Is Consuming You

When The Storm Is Consuming You 1920 1018 Becky Hastings

I’m struggling lately. All twisted up and unsure of what to do next. Unsure of what direction to go. Unsure that I even belong. Have you ever been there? I…

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Slipping Silently

Slipping Silently 500 341 Becky Hastings

We often think of drowning as a loud, splashy affair. That’s where we’re wrong. Drowning often happens without a single sound or a cry for help. I haven’t gone to…

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