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Brian Niece

The Arc Of Fear

The Arc Of Fear 1920 1280 Brian Niece

The arc of fear is a powerful motivator. But the arc of fear never finishes bending where it seems to lead, because under the immense pressure of such a significant force,…

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Why The Good Old Days Never Were

Why The Good Old Days Never Were 150 150 Brian Niece

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about my own good old days. Maybe you, too? I look back to a previous season in life and get all the feels. I romanticize…

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The Struggle To Know Ourselves

The Struggle To Know Ourselves 150 150 Brian Niece

Why do so many of us prefer to remain willfully ignorant or at least blissfuly unaware? We develop assumptions. These assumptions, or opinions, are formed over years, through experiences, through…

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The Outsiders’ Lament

The Outsiders’ Lament 150 150 Brian Niece

This isn’t ideal: to be the outsiders, to be outside of your inside; yet here we are, some by choice, others by circumstance; all of us, sadly, by purloined precedent.…

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