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Cara Strickland

D is for Depression

D is for Depression 150 150 Cara Strickland

I never know quite when she’s going to creep up next to me. It feels a little like the way the sun goes behind the clouds on a bright summer…

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Stripping The Altar

Stripping The Altar 150 150 Cara Strickland

I went to church last night, for the first time since Advent. We have a cathedral in my town, which sits high on a hill. Those who built it wanted…

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Sushi 150 150 Cara Strickland

It was winter in Chicago and I was wearing blue and green shiny heels on the “El.” I had bought them in anticipation of this evening, thinking that they looked…

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Traveling The Oregon Trail

Traveling The Oregon Trail 150 150 Cara Strickland

I was in elementary school when I first started playing Oregon Trail at a friend’s house. When our families got together, we would filter into the computer room, sometimes all…

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The Art Of Losing

The Art Of Losing 150 150 Cara Strickland

This is a sad story, you might as well know this up front. It takes place during a hard time in the story of my family, in the months following…

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