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D.S. Martin

Sounds Of Redemption

Sounds Of Redemption 1920 1301 D.S. Martin

The scraping of old paint from furniture stripping it down to a grain of truth  The mashing of over-ripe bananas to be baked into muffins or bread The scratching of…

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Simon The Zealot

Simon The Zealot 1920 1280 D.S. Martin

When I was a child in my father’s home before I was presented at the temple in the days when Joazar the priest would have sold us for peace Judas the Galilean…

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Jude 1920 1280 D.S. Martin

How horrid to live with a tainted name to be so easily confused   with one who sold your Lord Who could blame you   Jude for going by Thaddaeus afterword? I’m…

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Mary Of Bethany

Mary Of Bethany 1920 1281 D.S. Martin

Some women are blessed with words I have eloquent tears   My sister weaves her expectations into reasonable structures that rise higher than the temple mount but cannot touch me   for…

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