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Daniel Baker

May 18, 1980

May 18, 1980 150 150 Daniel Baker

Spring sun:​ races across the plowed fields​ flows over the tall grasses​ pushes past a stand of oaks​ spills over the gully’s edge​ breaks the broad basement windows​ animates a…

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Holy Saturday Matins

Holy Saturday Matins 150 150 Daniel Baker

He came among the broken to break,​ to trample death with death, ruin with ruin. Suffering weakness to draw the weak;​ with us​ in our​ defeat.  

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Glossolalia 150 150 Daniel Baker

It started with a murmur,​ a low hum blown by coastal winds.​ The insistence of waves was static​ grown grey in the dusk.​ Zumbadorcito and Bien-te-veo​ approach, straining to hear.​…

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Morning Liturgy

Morning Liturgy 150 150 Daniel Baker

Good morning again,​ child of God.​ Belov’d of the Father,​ as in the Son.​ Wholly lived in holy hope,​ weariness undone.​ Unfinished, re-created,​ crushed, crashed-crimson,​ affliction abated.​ Sustained assuagement,​ inspirited…

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