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Davina Allison

Caravaggio in the Underworld

Caravaggio in the Underworld 150 150 Davina Allison

i. my darling, this night and your mouth soft ochre under the tallow that wakes us – where we taste salted-wine, sea-grass, and I pull the sea’s black reach from…

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Lauds 4945 3212 Davina Allison

  i. Heloise to Abelard “Your cold ashes need then fear nothing.” And in the dark heave of the sacring bells is a longing as faint as the fall of…

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Letterfrack 150 150 Davina Allison

They hid you in stone, my darlings, they hid you where the rooks wheeze in the late chill, their bluish seams of song falling over your small clips of bone…

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Heloise At The Oratory

Heloise At The Oratory 150 150 Davina Allison

For M i. Matins  I have been a long time here, my love, hands thin on the dry scrape of winter, still in its habit of pinning the hours in…

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