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Diana Meakem

in prayer i dream i sleep

in prayer i dream i sleep 150 150 Diana Meakem

in sleep, i dream i wake— my set jaw loosens, shoulders sigh. i feel myself broken as dried bones, smooth as a river stone the water of the world rushing…

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Piece By Piece

Piece By Piece 150 150 Diana Meakem

 Don’t just swallow them whole. Poems were written to be eaten piece by piece., a feast— each word a wafer, broken for you. Be careful of the edge, corners especially—slippery…

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The Day I Learned To Fly

The Day I Learned To Fly 150 150 Diana Meakem

When I wrote about soaring, you left two words in response:“Remember Icarus.” (A friendly warning from your local pastor: Don’t let freedom go to your head. You’ll burn in hell.…

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Saturday 150 150 Diana Meakem

  Between death and resurrection, absence howls. This day’s as empty as Thursday’s cup. I know how the Story ends—still it stretches— My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?…

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rainy night

rainy night 150 150 Diana Meakem

 On this rainy night, I stepped outside to feel the moisture of the air on my skin. I went outside partly to write a poem, but also because rain inspires…

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