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Don McCaleb

Let No Stone

Let No Stone 1600 1215 Don McCaleb

  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty The whole Earth is full of his glory. I don’t want to fake it. If it’s about song, I don’t want…

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In The Shade Of The Tree

In The Shade Of The Tree 150 150 Don McCaleb

In the shade of the tree, a man hung his head. Together they tried to paint a still life, but she picked the fruit and they peeled back the skin.…

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Apology To A Caged Bird

Apology To A Caged Bird 150 150 Don McCaleb

Test.  One two. Three four. This is more than just words expressed into a microphone. This is life and death as metaphor and poem. This is my heart pressed against…

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Stuff 150 150 Don McCaleb

I got stuff. Good stuff.  Happy stuff. Successful, sensational, recreational, relaxational stuff. And you can’t take my stuff. My stuff is the needle that drops to the vinyl to start…

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