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Hey Church, Stop Sad-Shaming Me

Hey Church, Stop Sad-Shaming Me 1920 1280 Jason Ramsey

Irecently heard a sermon about ‘how to avoid contentment’. It was part of an otherwise-enlightening series about ‘how to mess up’ in life. In it, the pastor, who I greatly…

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In A Safe Place

In A Safe Place 150 150 Jason Ramsey

She always told us to pray in a safe place: “bury yourselves under wild thickets; drape in rosaries; wrap in shawls; nestle with watchdogs; cradle with kin — far from…

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These Barren Fields

These Barren Fields 150 150 Jason Ramsey

These barren fields, Wolf-grey coats of bark and Dust, coarse lines bleeding Trails, idle in stillness, Parsed, perched, Widows of breath, Brittle as ash in wind Sit slack-jawed, cold, Hinterlands of impervious…

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Dossey – Diamond

Dossey – Diamond 1920 1338 Jason Ramsey

A GLORIOUS SOUNDSCAPE FOR THE SOUL Diamond 2015 / 8 Tracks / 31 minutes The Christian music scene has not seen the likes of ‘Diamond’, the debut solo album from…

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A Repentance

A Repentance 150 150 Jason Ramsey

Repentance. Waning appetite of faith-junctions betrothed. Relaxing, embracing tapestries lost. Misplaced versions of stark archetypes, Leaning, beleaguering, vacating thin veils Of guilt-shed sin on vandalized walls. We wait. Fake. Deface. Glorified perversions of angst-ridden blame, An upheaval of martyrdom Placating grace. We wait like frost-white dalliances of hate. Forgiveness. Mirrored truths of disingenuous praise. Succumbing, shedding insidious skin. Forlorn ashes of dead souls, Simmering, frothing, bequeathing tastes Of half-sighed lies on brittle-dry lips. We drink. Sink. Relinquish. An artifact of fate Belaboring grace. We claw like wolf-thieves approaching the gate. Acceptance. Repenting diatribes of angelic malaise. Atoning, dethroning serpentine reign. Heralded saints of banished restraint, Bleeding, careening, embattling faith Of deaf-toned harps on bleak magistrates. We pour. Scowl. Implore. An advocate of priesthood Postulating will.…

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Fractal 150 150 Jason Ramsey

This is the point where trying to hold things together for everyone else makes me fall apart. Fractal. It’s not supposed to be like this. We were made in His…

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Brandon Bagby, Artist

Brandon Bagby, Artist 4320 3456 Jason Ramsey

MUSICAL LANDSCAPES An Interview with Artist and Audio Adrenaline guitarist Brandon Bagby. AW: According to your website (, you’ve only been ‘seriously’ painting since 2009, but your work is incredibly…

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The Color Of Fog

The Color Of Fog 150 150 Jason Ramsey

(Short Fiction) Disclaimer: Contains mature themes.   “You’re old enough to be my father.” Edward Cain slugged a whiskey shot and set the glass on a nightstand, and it wobbled…

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The Fringe

The Fringe 150 150 Jason Ramsey

Aspiration leaves us hanging on precipices — balmy, nervous, like wet leaves sweating off midsummer rain. It gets us close, but seldom close enough. Close enough to feel the rush,…

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Love swells

Love swells 150 150 Jason Ramsey

Love swells. I often imagine being immersed in dark water, where the only light is the fading sun refracting on the surface. It’s a brilliant light, a kaleidoscope of color…

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