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{In}Between Grace – The Weight Of Chains (A Soliloquy)

{In}Between Grace – The Weight Of Chains (A Soliloquy) 150 150 Jennifer Kelly

I used to go to the beach to get away from it all. In many ways, my global neighbors and I are a lot alike, and the beach is one…

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Shine Bright

Shine Bright 150 150 Jennifer Kelly

“If each of us can learn to glory in the fact that we matter little except in relation to the Body, and if each will acknowledge the worth in every…

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Healing Wounds

Healing Wounds 150 150 Jennifer Kelly

The mental health issues that exist in today’s day and age are very complex.  Quite frankly, my heart feels very heavy from the judgmental, snarky, and oftentimes misinformed public who…

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When Old Blood Drips

When Old Blood Drips 150 150 Jennifer Kelly

My chest hurts from breathing lately. It takes too much thought and effort to concentrate on one solitary thing. I’m moving slowly through the trunk of my emotions. Sifting and…

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Becoming 150 150 Jennifer Kelly

I like to slide in and slowly curl up in a booth. Preferably, the one in the back, away from the door and people. Not too bright and not too…

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