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Jody Thomae

The Cave of Adullam

The Cave of Adullam 1920 1280 Jody Thomae

this cave, my prison this darkness, my entrapment I cannot lie here, stay here, die here here in my prison wake up, oh heart wake the dawn with your song…

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Hammock View

Hammock View 150 150 Jody Thomae

Ancient Towers of Strength​    keep me​       suspended ​          in sacred space.​ From roots running deep,​    searching for sustenance below,​ to tops rising out of view,​ I imagine you are 1,000 feet tall.​    I am protected.​       I am in awe.​ ​  Motherly Arms of Earth​    hold me​       cradled​          in gentle sway.​ From branches reaching out,​    grasping for heaven’s sun,​ to sap coursing through your veins,​ I imagine you are 1,000 years old.​    I am nurtured.​       I am grateful.     

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