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Julia Putzke

Is I Am

Is I Am 1920 1271 Julia Putzke

  From this valley, He whispers: look up at the bowing flowers low enough for you to pick. My fragrance to hush the bidding tears away. It is okay to…

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Show Me You Are True

Show Me You Are True 1920 1082 Julia Putzke

On your mark- maybe there’s a loving God, looking closely at ink smudged pinky against the page. Help me, help me!! screamed silent. My eyes start to tear up as…

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Pleas(e) 1920 1189 Julia Putzke

Love broke through the valley–all closed doors swung wide to my portion & my strength; Oh Jesus, you are here! Please never let your smile leave me sunk in this…

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A Prayer To Be Heard

A Prayer To Be Heard 1920 1280 Julia Putzke

Hello Lord, it’s me, inside cave of adullum. I can’t see in this dark, but it isn’t dark to You is it? It is light. Shiny, spreading wide arms to…

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