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Kelly Belmonte

In Praise Of Eyes

In Praise Of Eyes 1920 1280 Kelly Belmonte

Let us sing of eyes – the eyes of a gracious reader, eyes that see my first thoughts, peer into the trash bin of my raw write, pick out my…

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Forgiving Mother

Forgiving Mother 1920 1275 Kelly Belmonte

My son, seven years old (times seventy), prays, “I forgive You for my sins.” I suggest he means, “Please forgive me for my sins,” emphasis on Please and me, and…

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Unshoe You

Unshoe You 1920 1280 Kelly Belmonte

Too cutting for flesh of feet, the brick and stone of city streets? Welcome to the streams of dewy banks and rippled wet Just waiting to be walked on! Come…

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Two Trees

Two Trees 1920 1280 Kelly Belmonte

I hold the oldest garden in my heart like a memory that has yet to happen; unfolding beneath my eyelids with wave upon wave of desert heat rising up to…

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Thanksgiving Sonnet

Thanksgiving Sonnet 3264 2448 Kelly Belmonte

The tipping point at year’s eleventh hour I stop mid-rush to slice a piece of grace and raise a glass to beneficent power. Yet all this pausing keeps me from…

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