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Kevin Peterson

Pondering Troubled Waters

Pondering Troubled Waters 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Mark 13 Were your words meant for only those of previous days Days where the listeners would feel their weight and cost Costs so great in internal terror and external…

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Swept Clean

Swept Clean 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Reference: Matt 12:22-50; Luke 11 What are you saying when you talk of houses swept clean? Of strong men tied and prepared for home invasion? Throw in a smattering of…

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Can We Not

Can We Not 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Can we not just sit, Can we not just sit and share Can we not just sit and share our stories I grow weary of the attacks on my borders…

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A Stone’s Throw Away

A Stone’s Throw Away 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Reference: John 10:22-42 Snake oil comes in so many forms, Blood red elixirs of heavy elements mixed with fermented fruit Bright green bottles over-filled with empty promise When I see…

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I Ordered A Coffee The Other Day

I Ordered A Coffee The Other Day 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Amongst crowds pushing forward with frantic needs I ordered a coffee the other day Tall caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso Through the din simply spoken, fully expecting…

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Midlife Harvest

Midlife Harvest 150 150 Kevin Peterson

I have experienced many places in life Times of plenty, times of want Rock hard labor, kitten soft rest Days of tearing down and tearing up Times of green peace…

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Anam Cara

Anam Cara 150 150 Kevin Peterson

Far into the mountain wilderness Days within the ancient woods Miles from the end of paved roads Following the meandering path left by others Earlier travelers, long gone, unknown Except…

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