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Mary Langer Thompson

Rolling The Stone Away

Rolling The Stone Away 150 150 Mary Langer Thompson

Five men, a jack, and a dolly are all it takes to lift the monumental block of Thou Shalt Nots, to wheel it away. But the moving crew is impatient.…

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Heavenly Fathers

Heavenly Fathers 150 150 Mary Langer Thompson

  For Lyn Glenn, daughter of astronaut, John Glenn Thirty-six years ago the sun’s rays, forming a trinity of light, beamed through the stained-glass windows of Mary and Jesus upon…

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The Journey Of Psalms

The Journey Of Psalms 150 150 Mary Langer Thompson

Together, we move from Admonition to affirmation Bitterness to beatitude Challenge to choice Duty to delight Education to equilibrium Faithlessness to fidelity Guilt to gratitude Hope to hesed Iniquity to…

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The Apostle’s Clock

The Apostle’s Clock 150 150 Mary Langer Thompson

I sit on the wooden bench in the dimmed room eclipsed by the tall timepiece carved by the hands of a German immigrant a century ago. An angel strikes the…

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