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Mary Sayler


Resurrection 3800 1517 Mary Sayler

It was finished. There was nothing left to do but take down Jesus’ body and hide it quickly from mind, from view. The terror of the tomb closed the matter,…

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For You,

For You, 150 150 Mary Sayler

  For You, I turned water into wine, purified in the veins of My own body. I climbed mountains, healed crowds of hunger, warmed a leper’s skin. For you I…

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Jesus touches the untouchable

Jesus touches the untouchable 150 150 Mary Sayler

  In a town [yes, in town where lepers were not allowed] a man filled with leprosy came to Jesus and fell down onto the ground on his face –…

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Outside Eden

Outside Eden 150 150 Mary Sayler

Away from the flaming torches, everything grows dark. Does God never want me near? I turn back to look, but angels loom, and sparks drip from wings as though they’re…

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Witness 150 150 Mary Sayler

  When Jesus walks through the walls of our homes or appears on the other side of an arrangement of atoms assembled as stone walls in a prison or walks…

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Child, Child

Child, Child 150 150 Mary Sayler

  Child, child, If God didn’t love you, no eyes, no ears would weave into your gut, no heart would arch into the inner soles of your shoes, showing you…

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