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The Intellectual Laziness Of The Easy Answer

The Intellectual Laziness Of The Easy Answer 150 150 Michael Thompson

A political season for me is on par with buying a used car or getting a root canal. They are all unavoidable necessary evils. And each is a genuine pain…

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The Dignity Of Humility

The Dignity Of Humility 150 150 Michael Thompson

Arrogance seldom has as good a platform to strut its obnoxious nature as during political seasons. The current one might well take the cake. A mind-numbing glut of information has…

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What Remains

What Remains 150 150 Michael Thompson

Each year I try to sum up my annual trip around the sun. In a word or two, I want to catch the essence of what I have experienced. Sometimes…

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I Wouldn’t Go There!

I Wouldn’t Go There! 150 150 Michael Thompson

It is a kind of red flag warning. Words meant to stop you from going where angels fear to tread. You are about to venture into an arena of conversation…

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Manger 150 150 Michael Thompson

I had no idea this is what I was made for. Holding a baby. Not just any baby either. The Baby. Seemed as ridiculous then as it does now. You…

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They Opened Their Treasures

They Opened Their Treasures 150 150 Michael Thompson

Packing up a house after living in it for 15-years is not for the faint of heart. How can anyone collect so much “stuff”? But in the midst of the tearing…

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A Living Nativity

A Living Nativity 150 150 Michael Thompson

It is a sign as sure as Santa on a sleigh or trimmed trees on display. I know Advent is almost here when I see so many churches advertising their…

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A Blanket Proposal

A Blanket Proposal 150 150 Michael Thompson

It wasn’t his best day. Not even close. After a very long obedience in the right direction, he let down his guard, had a bit too much to drink and…

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The Absurdification Of Culture

The Absurdification Of Culture 150 150 Michael Thompson

It was a flash of mobile irony. Driving home after dropping off my teacher-wife at school, I was listening to National Public Radio. I enjoy the unique way they narrate the…

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What Good Is That?

What Good Is That? 150 150 Michael Thompson

Since the Garden, human beings have had two maladies that choke our connection with God and limit our effect on the world. We undervalue the reality of God that is…

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Circle Of Quiet…Clamor Of Evil

Circle Of Quiet…Clamor Of Evil 150 150 Michael Thompson

Andrew. Opal. Charlie. Ivan. Jeanne. Francis. Dennis. Wilma. Just ordinary names…until you attach them to Hurricanes.  I’ve lived through all 8 of these in my 30 years as a Floridian.…

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The Great Divide

The Great Divide 150 150 Michael Thompson

It’s a memory as fresh as yesterday, even though I have made more than forty laps around the sun since then. The scope and scale of what I saw were enormous.…

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