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Paul Phillips

Higher Than That

Higher Than That 150 150 Paul Phillips

As if all of creation is following the calendar hanging on the wall, the temperatures are dropping to suit the season. The north wind already blusters, tugging on the leaves…

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Unlikely Heroes

Unlikely Heroes 150 150 Paul Phillips

In the cover of darkest night, the old man weeps. Alone, he cries until no more tears will come, and still the sobs torment his body. The time was when…

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Away From The Light

Away From The Light 1920 960 Paul Phillips

The choral professor sat on the stool in the music store, one afternoon decades ago, choosing his words with care. “I teach on a campus filled with light. Where is…

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Good Company

Good Company 150 150 Paul Phillips

I left him at the coffee shop.  He’ll be by in a minute or two. My old guitar playing friend, Panama hat on head, had just burst through the front…

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Tools Of The Trade

Tools Of The Trade 150 150 Paul Phillips

He had watched the sun come up from his vantage point on the western bank of the rolling river, the Mighty Mississippi, while listening to the dulcet tones of the…

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The Dark Inches

The Dark Inches 150 150 Paul Phillips

The young man sat on a stool in my music store the other day, strumming a guitar.  As I had already done earlier, I simply looked over momentarily to check…

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Resonance 150 150 Paul Phillips

We’re on the same wavelength, aren’t we? The man in front of me is a friend—a long-time friend.  I always enjoy seeing his face as the front door of the…

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Telling Stories

Telling Stories 150 150 Paul Phillips

The storyteller sits, spinning his yarns into fabric. That’s what they call it, isn’t it?  A fabrication? I listen anyway.  Still, as the story goes on, I begin to see…

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