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Rodney Wilder

The Fruit Borne

The Fruit Borne 150 150 Rodney Wilder

What was hoped to flower when sowed that tree your extinguished macabre?— the open-armed grotesque bereft of what our ransom robbed, wrung down loveless whorls, a presage wasted on the…

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Peter’s Epistle to Shagrath

Peter’s Epistle to Shagrath 150 150 Rodney Wilder

Stian— or Shagrath, rather, that corpse-painted moniker borrowed from Mordor— I wonder at the gallows you suspend around your neck. Granted, I understand little of what swathes you in the…

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Speechless 150 150 Rodney Wilder

This, the fire often lauded on wing-enshrouded lips; angels no less resonant to its glory for the eyes they hide in their feathers. Vibrating like exultant tines, their tongues this…

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The Bitter Distance

The Bitter Distance 150 150 Rodney Wilder

Despite the stars that number beyond number, the moon hangs its craters lonesomely. Drifts a distant mother and thinks of us, slips us an earthward smile but shades her heartbroken…

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