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Rory Fry

Awaken Us From Weakness

Awaken Us From Weakness 150 150 Rory Fry

Awaken us from our weakness Shake us from our sleep Break us Lord To make us Take us to our knees Where we are vapor Where You increase Tensions ease…

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Prayers Of A Pot

Prayers Of A Pot 150 150 Rory Fry

For wisdom I turn to You To know real love And practice Truth By Your strength For Your name You said to ask To humbly pray I am but an…

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Because Of Grace

Because Of Grace 150 150 Rory Fry

Because of grace I draw each sober breath In a world punctuated by relapse And progressive depravity I brace for impact Safe in Your tender care My serenity intact No…

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Vigilance 150 150 Rory Fry

Make me watchful and hateful of my sin So rebellion may not whip me with each whence To decompose that which you renovate In power come reinvigorate Make me grateful…

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None But Breeze (Freedom Of Recovery)

None But Breeze (Freedom Of Recovery) 150 150 Rory Fry

I feel it coming on the breeze… A wealth of shivers Renews my identity Harsh like a torrent Licking my misery Call it a balm I call it “Anemology” Uncovering…

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