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Tammy Perlmutter

Soul Bare Giveaway!

Soul Bare Giveaway! 683 1024 Tammy Perlmutter

A small hybrid press announced a new community project called Soul Bare: Reflections on Becoming Human, created by Cara Sexton. The original call for submissions was announced on July 12,…

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Houses and Homes

Houses and Homes 150 150 Tammy Perlmutter

Doll Houses. Ghetto houses. Foster homes. Group homes. Children’s homes. So many houses. So few homes. I stand in front of a dilapidated building in an urban neighborhood. Its porch…

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Mentally Ill

Mentally Ill 150 150 Tammy Perlmutter

I’m meeting Alyssa for the first time. She is a First Access counselor for Behavioral Health and she is facilitating my intake. She calls me in and asks me some…

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