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Tania Runyan

We cannot take anything out of this world

We cannot take anything out of this world 150 150 Tania Runyan

One of the few ways I can speak to you is sliding nylon hairs over wound aluminum, praying low arpeggios under the choir’s hymn, or reeling in the kitchen as…

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Buried with him in his death

Buried with him in his death 150 150 Tania Runyan

We fought for one more sputter of the old life. Even though a breeze passing over your sieve of skin could send you screaming, you muscled up your diaphragm to…

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Count it all as loss

Count it all as loss 5184 3456 Tania Runyan

All of it: children whistling ryegrass, my husband rubbing my back in his sleep. Consider rubbish the sun climbing the eye of Delicate Arch, the scent of popped-open coffee. Leave…

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Put on the new self

Put on the new self 150 150 Tania Runyan

Twenty-five years after Praying the Prayer, when my new life was supposed to snap in place like elastic, the smell of crisp, store-rack cotton propelling me to run with endurance…

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No one can boast

No one can boast 150 150 Tania Runyan

On the tollway just south of Kenosha spring sets the boarded-up porn store ablaze, topaz dousing the peeling paint, the harp-notes of ice on the gutters. On the embankment home…

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Ananias of Damascus

Ananias of Damascus 150 150 Tania Runyan

Saul, you thug who once dragged believers through the streets, flinging them from their beds so hard their arms popped from their sockets, how like a dying child you look,…

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