Awaken Us From Weakness

Awaken Us From Weakness

Awaken Us From Weakness 150 150 Rory Fry

Awaken us from our weakness
Shake us from our sleep
Break us
To make us
Take us to our knees
Where we are vapor
Where You increase
Tensions ease
Resentments cease
Banshees flee and beggars see
In the light of

We have nothing but You
The Spirit of Truth
Revive and Renovate
Divide and desecrate
All we cling to
All we love besides You

Our skylines fade
Our power degenerates
To nothing but dust
Slivers of smut
Rivers of mud
Roman rust and cadaver musk
Shape us to seek You
Please You
Need You

Grace us to see You
Speak true
Read truth

Embrace what You desire
Raise our affections higher
High above this ailing planet
High above the filth of granite
Which taints our blood and misdirects our brittle love

Awaken us from our sickness
Shake us from our heat
Break us
To make us
For You are everything
And in You we are finally free


Rory Fry

I am an indie writer who loves to proclaim the Saving Message of Jesus Christ and the Healing Power of Recovery. I have been clean and sober since 10/01/2011 and dedicate much of my free time to others, giving Bible Studies and helping the less fortunate through my ministry Reformed and Recovered. I am also the proud father of a three-month-old boy named Rowen who is a true gift to my wife Christina and me. God is Good! I have recently released a thirty-three piece collection of poems, prayers, and polemics called "The Renovation". The collection is available online for the low price of $4. I am self-published and desire to be of service to others and praise our Savior!

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