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“Italy” – Photography 2220 2220 Heather Schrock

“Italy” – Photography

Artist: Heather Schrock Location: Lebanon, Indiana Medium: Photography + VSCO Cam        

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“Passion” – Photography 1825 1936 Brianna Fairhurst

“Passion” – Photography

Artist: Brianna Fairhurst Medium: Photography Film Locations: Midwest, USA This collection will, on the surface, seem random, but the focus of each photograph is the passion one finds and pursues in life. We are created as passionate beings. And once…

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“Ethiopia Missions” – Photography 5184 3456 Erik Laursen

“Ethiopia Missions” – Photography

Artist: Erik Laursen Medium: Photography Film Locations: Ethiopia Erik Laursen is a missionary, writer, photographer, and Director at New Covenant Foundation, a leading international missions ministry. Erik does a fine job capturing the little things that make missions work so…

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“Buddy Breathing” – Photography 3872 2592 Lesley-Anne Evans

“Buddy Breathing” – Photography


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