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Look now, the hidden road 1920 1271 Robert Alan Rife

Look now, the hidden road

Look now, the hidden road denies these footsteps their certainty, unsure though they wend, through what little solid soil succumbs to plodding, silent shoe-footfall. Forward slowly, halting back apace, how often my wayward way, the…

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First Day 1920 1280 Jeremy Lane

First Day

The alarm on the window sill begins to fade in and you slowly come to life and roll onto your back. You didn’t sleep well, or at least enough, because the anxiousness kept you awake…

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Look now, the blessed road 1920 1271 Robert Alan Rife

Look now, the blessed road

Look now, the bless-ed road rises to meet feet, weary, uncertain, but sure of steps yet untaken that, parting, greet a step, one step, from that step. Intentions pure where hinted there evidences of worn…

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A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant 960 638 Tadhg Jonathan

A Prayer At Llyn Gwynant

When the bitter winds blow, and the rain pours onto the soul of your life. When you stumble and fall, and when tears well up inside, but find no release. When friends and family are…

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Every Day 1920 1280 Jeremy Lane

Every Day

The truth is, the sun will rise one morning somewhere in the future and before it sets you will have taken your last breath as a human being on this planet. There will be traffic…

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4:30 a.m. 1920 1213 Jeremy Lane

4:30 a.m.

It’s 4:30 AM. Somewhere a baby is sleeping. Somewhere a single mother is lying awake, asking God how she’s going to pay the rent. Somewhere a man is leaving for work. Somewhere a woman is…

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A New Year’s Lament 1920 1032 Kelly Belmonte

A New Year’s Lament

I mourn the way we once marked passages by distance rather than time, how we measured miles instead of minutes, felt the fleeting nature of our very selves instead of seconds. Now the calendar is…

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One Big Happy 1920 1440 Kelly Belmonte

One Big Happy

Christians who drink Christians who get drunk Christians who talk about Christians who drink while sipping Constant Comment Christians who wear ripped jeans to church Christians who never wear jeans Who wear turtle necks and…

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Lament of Water 1920 1285 Lesley-Anne Evans

Lament of Water

Snow again this morning after several days of deep freeze. Slow flakes freed from heaven lay down at earth’s feet. So much emptying.     I would love to live like a river flows… This…

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