“Passion” – Photography

“Passion” – Photography

1825 1936 Brianna Fairhurst
brianna-fairhurstArtist: Brianna Fairhurst
Medium: Photography
Film Locations: Midwest, USA

This collection will, on the surface, seem random, but the focus of each photograph is the passion one finds and pursues in life. We are created as passionate beings. And once we find out what that passion is, it is what gets us out of bed each morning. It is a gift from our Creator, who is passionate for us, and, I believe, wants us to experience a taste of that passion. So for some, it’s working out and helping people develop healthier lives. For others, it’s music – it’s animals – it’s their children. And where or how you find that passion is not up to you; however, once you find it, it is your choice to pursue it.



Brianna Fairhurst

Growing up in a small city surrounded by rural environments isn’t the easiest for a creative mind. Sure, there’s a plethora of pretty landscapes to capture throughout the year and different seasons, but eventually that gets tiring. Despite this, when I received my first camera for my 12th birthday, I was hooked, but it took a little while to realize it. After studying creative writing at a small university in Michigan, I returned to Ohio, started working at my home church, and after attending a conference for creatives in Chicago, I realized my passion was photography and capturing the candid moments in people’s lives. My hope is to combine my love of traveling and experiencing new cultures with my desire to capture these moments.

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  • Yeah, that’s true. You need to be passionate of the things you wanted to do in order to come up with a nice outcome. Everyone has their own passion in life which motivates them to pursue their dreams like in photography, we are able to express ourselves.

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