Calvary’s Rope

Calvary’s Rope

Calvary’s Rope 150 150 John Davis Jr

From my master’s fishing boat deck, they took me.

Coiled there a month, I’d witnessed countless catches.

Today’s hands were strange – not those for mooring
nor staying of sails, no riggers of wind.

My three interwoven strands were stretched fast
to harder wood, pulled until slack purchase reigned.

Some unhappy haul without sea breeze – no fish,
yet command voice and blood smell entered my fibers.

Hanging for seeming eternity, at last I was removed.
Placed aboard a new vessel, I warm with salt and light – unwound.


John Davis Jr

John Davis Jr. is a Florida poet and educator. His book, Middle Class American Proverb, available from Negative Capability Press. He holds an MFA from University of Tampa, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His work has recently appeared in Nashville Review and Steel Toe Review, among other venues.

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