Creative Writing

Look now, the broken road

Look now, the broken road 150 150 Robert Alan Rife

              Where footsteps once fell, proud and sure, and met solid pavement with unwavering courage, now there creeps, under guise of night a pall,…

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Rebuild The Jagged Edges

Rebuild The Jagged Edges 3872 2592 Sarah Rennicke

Too early to rise, yet I am lulled out of bed, wide awake and aware stars still gleam in the sky. Coffee quickly brewing in the kitchen, my lifeline. This…

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Falling Behind (a personal essay)

Falling Behind (a personal essay) 1920 1271 Caroline Bardwell

From my perspective, our human instinct is to navigate life as if we were going for a long hike on a beautiful day. Although you believe you are capable of…

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Sunday Mood

Sunday Mood 1920 1276 Peter C. Venable

We walk by faith, and not by sight— Yet godly eyes gaze at the height Above the sky, beyond the stars: The gates of heaven are ajar, For all who…

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The Last Great Mythology

The Last Great Mythology 1920 1280 Peter C. Venable

Study, with unbiased, impartial eyes, That Jew—Jesus of Nazareth. He walked around the temple monoliths— Thought nothing of their massive size But traveled to herald in rural parts. He spoke…

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There Are Verses

There Are Verses 1920 1279 Peter C. Venable

There are verses we contemplate in awe. When our Lord stood at mountain peak: Prophet Elijah, Moses and the Law— Both came to Him, began to speak. Our Lord’s face…

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Notice To Quit

Notice To Quit 1920 1280 Tom Funk

The buzz from Bert Immaus’ bedside radio alarm raked across his brain and awakened him. Could it really be 6:15 already? He cracked the corner of his left eyelid open just enough…

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Begin-Again 1920 1280 Chris Wheeler

Life is in the Begin-Again (dust and blood and birth); in You Who Are, the Beginning that begets all beginnings. Each morning I am again, blinking through the after-death and…

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Weep With Me, O Lord

Weep With Me, O Lord 1920 1281 Caroline Bardwell

My Lord, I am battered, my spirit is bruised, my weary heart shattered, my energy used. Your child is stuck struggling to manage her grief; so desperate for love and…

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I Am A Reformer

I Am A Reformer 1920 1080 Traci Rhoades

Reformer: a person who makes changes to something in order to improve it. I suppose it’s time I called it like it is. Rather than wearing the title as a…

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Make No Excuses For This

Make No Excuses For This 1920 1280 Aliyah Lauren Jacobs

I was still rubbing my thick, heavy, sleep weary eyes when I got the message on my phone. It was from my brother who, by his own admission, is not…

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Sick Woman

Sick Woman 1920 1271 Lyndsey Medford

Sick women make friends with our pain. After we run out of places to go, after our friends tire of asking about it and our families tire of accomodating us,…

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