Notice To Quit

Notice To Quit 1920 1280 Tom Funk

The buzz from Bert Immaus’ bedside radio alarm raked across his brain and awakened him. Could it really be 6:15 already? He cracked the corner of his left eyelid open just enough…

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Sick Woman

Sick Woman 1920 1271 Lyndsey Medford

Sick women make friends with our pain. After we run out of places to go, after our friends tire of asking about it and our families tire of accomodating us,…

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Bright Possibilities

Bright Possibilities 150 150 Jody Lee Collins

“’sa bizzy pace, Boppa. “ “What’s that, pal?” “’sa bizzy pace. All zeese bepo.” “All these people. That’s right, it’s a busy place, buddy.” Allan Jenkins’ eyes scanned the airport…

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The Cash Temptations

The Cash Temptations 150 150 Julie Dibble

Tipping his wool cap to the dealer, he stepped up to the wheel. Eight hundred dollars wiggled in his pocket, looking for action. He laid down a stiff fifty dollar…

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The Enchanted Doorknob

The Enchanted Doorknob 150 150 James Payne

The doorknob is an overlooked wielder of magical wonder, which from strangers secures intimate secrets and mystery but to guests and those noble enough for a key opens to a world of adventures and dreams.…

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Parachutes Upon The Wind

Parachutes Upon The Wind 150 150 James Payne

Vanessa struggled within her sheets, the comfort of which she had worshiped for years, but now tossed her about like a tiny vessel upon the hostile waters of the great…

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Tears In Heaven

Tears In Heaven 150 150 Chimeka Garricks

  Editor’s note: This story is inspired by true events from the author’s hometown in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, but is fictitious by nature. It contains mature themes and some strong…

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Kneeprints 2509 1673 Aaron J. Housholder

From afar you see a petrified stump, an angular tree remnant just above the tide line. Years of salt wind and tide wash have stripped the tree bare of bark…

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The Color Of Fog

The Color Of Fog 150 150 Jason Ramsey

(Short Fiction) Disclaimer: Contains mature themes.   “You’re old enough to be my father.” Edward Cain slugged a whiskey shot and set the glass on a nightstand, and it wobbled…

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A Little Goodwill

A Little Goodwill 150 150 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

Mara worried that her younger brother’s wedding might be a harbinger of bad times. It’s not as if she hadn’t warned him, though. After all, could she really have said…

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Rockslide 150 150 Aaron J. Housholder

The rockslide clackity-clacked to a stop. Weak light from an aperture above meandered through the curtains of dust. The cave took on aura of dusky grey. Centuries of silence fought…

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The Butterflies

The Butterflies 150 150 Malinda Patterson

The spring my sister Sadie was six, she began to notice the butterflies that lived in our garden, that fluttered from flower to flower. The color and elegance of the…

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