After London

150 150 Robert Rife

She grabbed my hand – caught, like a tufted grove of hazy branches – there were promises unspoken. The full English – an edible morning rainbow. Then, it’s heads down, cell…

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From The Poet’s Ready Pen

275 183 Robert Rife

From the poet’s ready pen comes the yawning stillness, leaking out from linen thoughts, stretched tight upon the hungry loom. How dear these words come, dear soul, trading green for our grey.…

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Rolling The Stone Away

1920 1285 Mary Langer Thompson

Five men, a jack, and a dolly are all it takes to lift the monumental block of Thou Shalt Nots, to wheel it away. But the moving crew is impatient.…

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Over The Falls

1920 1440 Laura Reece Hogan

Breezing on the breath of God we trust to the edge, sails brave with stirred spirit. We will rush smooth in sun always, we think, the lapis sky opens to…

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Look At Me!

1920 1195 Catherine Lawton

“Look at me, Cathy.” Downcast, ashamed, I shrank from seeing my father’s disappointment, his sadness, maybe anger. I was little; he was big. I was guilty; he was right. I…

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A Triptych

1920 1281 Elizabeth Marshall

One It is a strange thing, your leaving In increments This slow fade, pains us The dialing down and dialing back I wish for your speedy recovery That you would…

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The Day Renders Well Her Light To Cast

1920 1280 Robert Rife

The day renders well her light to cast, comes, with hopeful glance, her tidings bring – haunting dark, like some unholy past soon yields his woe to this better thing.…

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A Gatherer’s Tale

1920 1280 Elizabeth Marshall

He dropped me off. Left me on a single slice of earth. Drove away in a watery wake. His back spoke a silent goodbye, good luck. I saw no one…

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The Great Paradox

1920 1277 Alex R. Encomienda

Withering journeys of spite in the temples by night and by turning these Cusps into holiness; sighs come from deepness and life’s little destinies, Whether of beckoning pleasures or constant…

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Wall Of The Sea

1920 865 Summer Edward

What is it that wants to come through the wall of the sea in the dark night? As if there hasn’t already been enough mystery in this dark night      where…

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The Fruit Borne

1920 1280 Rodney Wilder

What was hoped to flower when sowed that tree your extinguished macabre?— the open-armed grotesque bereft of what our ransom robbed, wrung down loveless whorls, a presage wasted on the…

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The Lost Arts

1920 1280 Elizabeth Marshall

I dreamed there was a gathering. The lost arts took a seat. Placed a napkin in the lap. And called the meeting to order. Poetry took two seats. The head…

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