Look now, the broken road

Look now, the broken road 150 150 Robert Alan Rife

              Where footsteps once fell, proud and sure, and met solid pavement with unwavering courage, now there creeps, under guise of night a pall,…

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Sunday Mood

Sunday Mood 1920 1276 Peter C. Venable

We walk by faith, and not by sight— Yet godly eyes gaze at the height Above the sky, beyond the stars: The gates of heaven are ajar, For all who…

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The Last Great Mythology

The Last Great Mythology 1920 1280 Peter C. Venable

Study, with unbiased, impartial eyes, That Jew—Jesus of Nazareth. He walked around the temple monoliths— Thought nothing of their massive size But traveled to herald in rural parts. He spoke…

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There Are Verses

There Are Verses 1920 1279 Peter C. Venable

There are verses we contemplate in awe. When our Lord stood at mountain peak: Prophet Elijah, Moses and the Law— Both came to Him, began to speak. Our Lord’s face…

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Begin-Again 1920 1280 Chris Wheeler

Life is in the Begin-Again (dust and blood and birth); in You Who Are, the Beginning that begets all beginnings. Each morning I am again, blinking through the after-death and…

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Weep With Me, O Lord

Weep With Me, O Lord 1920 1281 Caroline Bardwell

My Lord, I am battered, my spirit is bruised, my weary heart shattered, my energy used. Your child is stuck struggling to manage her grief; so desperate for love and…

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A Solitary Figure

A Solitary Figure 1920 1280 Gayl Wright

With nightfall swiftly approaching, the air felt crisp and cold. A solitary figure was wandering, so frail, so tired, so old. It fluttered in the blowing wind her threadbare cloak…

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Grace Enough for All

Grace Enough for All 1920 1281 Gayl Wright

My fists are tightly closed facing downwards I open my hands a symbol of letting go saying goodbye to things that cause me stress that want me to despair that…

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God’s Light Breaks Through

God’s Light Breaks Through 1920 1439 Gayl Wright

My heart is stubborn, weak and selfish, in need of healing I hold on to past hurts looking for someone or something to blame Discontentment reigns as I focus on…

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Turn, Turn, Turn

Turn, Turn, Turn 1920 1279 Patrick Connors

Give up your crooked ways and your evil thoughts. Return to the Lord our God. He will be merciful and forgive your sins. (Isaiah 55:7, CEV) The Earth will turn on its…

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Valentine 1920 1280 Patrick Connors

Love will bring you ecstatic explosions which build you up and bring understanding. But this will make you realize no matter what you have believed the truest love is not…

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Credence 1920 1280 Patrick Connors

I believe in God, whom we may worship in any way fitting, as long as it is a dogma based on reverence; tolerance and respect for all; a spirit which…

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