Sonnet For My Goddaughter

1920 1355 Amanda N. Butler

Holding your new form, resting in arm’s niche, in that moment, forever devoted – the Lord, sewing us in a blanket stitch – I vow to shield from evil revolted.…

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Earth And Heaven

1920 1279 Catherine Lawton

As wind in the forest bends the trees With sounds of whooshing and unearthly creaks, In Sunday sanctuary where footfalls creak wood, Both moved and moving, both chosen and choosing;…

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1920 1078 Abigail Carroll

Be map, be lamp, be flame for my way, be sole of my shoe, be stride of my walk, be mountain, be forest, be cool of the shade, be wind…

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1920 1280 Abigail Carroll

Sing through the lathe of your mouth Sing on the salt of your breath Sing through the rigs of your lungs Sing out your debts to the earth Sing with…

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Awaken Us From Weakness

1920 1280 Rory Fry

Awaken us from our weakness Shake us from our sleep Break us Lord To make us Take us to our knees Where we are vapor Where You increase Tensions ease…

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Learning To Pray

1920 1280 Abigail Carroll

When I say I have passed the afternoon watching loosestrife lean against the wind at the edge of the lake, what I mean is this: I have stepped into prayer,…

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Prayers Of A Pot

1920 1384 Rory Fry

For wisdom I turn to You To know real love And practice Truth By Your strength For Your name You said to ask To humbly pray I am but an…

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Morning Liturgy

1920 1280 Daniel Baker

Good morning again,​ child of God.​ Belov’d of the Father,​ as in the Son.​ Wholly lived in holy hope,​ weariness undone.​ Unfinished, re-created,​ crushed, crashed-crimson,​ affliction abated.​ Sustained assuagement,​ inspirited…

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A Saturday Examen

1920 1328 Robert Rife

Let the baptismal waters drown this insubstantial love and choke the complexities of my lostness. Cleanse my spiritual palette and don the insignificance of wayward wants upon your crested waking.…

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A Friday Examen

1920 1275 Robert Rife

Sometimes, on the way into darkness I stub my toe on the eyelash of God. Sometimes, forgotten in never-spoken dreams I hear the hushed and tender tones of Heaven breathing…

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Snow On Good Friday

1920 1271 Catherine Lawton

We grieve when snow falls on Good Friday eve. What about the greening, the beginnings of spring? when like manna fallen from Heaven— “My body broken for you” into flakes…

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A Thursday Examen

1920 1260 Robert Rife

Here, the light blows past my eyes like breezes of sapphired memories imploding into smallest beauties, personified. * * * Here, I escape Neptune’s icy breath and settle in pillowed…

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