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Dreamer600Damon Jones
Dreamer EP
2014 / 4 Tracks / 17 minutes
Damon Jones’ brand of folk is a sparse one. A self-professed minimalist, Damon’s songs rely heavily on rhythmic acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies. “Gargoyle Dream” starts “Dreamer” off with hill-country bass lines, bluegrass rhythm, and banjo underneath Damon’s soft, poetic harmonies. Damon croons, just above a whisper, “In a museum of painted visions/ We play just like children/ In my gargoyle dream.” It’s a stunning track. “Satisfy Me” is a hauntingly barren tale of self-reflection told over exquisite guitar picking. It is angelically lo-fi. Damon is schooled in psychology, and here his lyrics are wrought with self-questioning paranoia: beautiful people satisfy him; scary people terrify him; and spiritual people mystify him. “Angels By My Side” is faith-affirming, but not without melancholy. If you’re looking to get lost in a quiet album for reflection, look no further than “Dreamer”.
Review by Jason Ramsey


Damon Jones

Steeped in the deep greens & cold seas of his native Pacific Northwest, Damon’s original music is soothingly hypnotic; with rhythmic lyrics & haunting melodies his stories are heart changing. Audiences find kinship thru his guitar and vocal phrases -- inherently hopeful though at times melancholic. Damon’s artistic life began in theater at a young age; music and songwriting soon followed. His debut album Dreamer was released in June 2010, and through his original words and music Damon tells visual stories, utilizing metaphor, symbolism and personal narrative.

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