Definitions Of Shekinah

Definitions Of Shekinah

Definitions Of Shekinah 150 150 John Davis Jr


Infinity: A bird’s nest
like a wedding band, simple
as intertwined dreams holding
all our eggs, expectations.



Glory beamed behind mountains,
in renaissance halo paint,
on Damascus roadway stones,
through burning bush and rainbows.



Protection for watched sparrows,
tilted hammocks, blossomed sails,
taut-stringed kites, and grandmother’s
bed sheets billowing, drying.



Guidance in dark wilderness,
affirmation from white air,
summons repeated near sleep,
inspiration from thunder.


John Davis Jr

John Davis Jr. is a Florida poet and educator. His book, Middle Class American Proverb, available from Negative Capability Press. He holds an MFA from University of Tampa, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His work has recently appeared in Nashville Review and Steel Toe Review, among other venues.

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