Dossey – Diamond

Dossey – Diamond

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2015 / 8 Tracks / 31 minutes

The Christian music scene has not seen the likes of ‘Diamond’, the debut solo album from Dossey.

Sarah Dossey, of country/Americana bands The Reliques and Indian & The Jones, steps way (and I mean WAY) out from her roots with ‘Diamond’, an atmospheric, post-electronic wonder of an album that recalls Sinead O’Connor, Delerium, and Dead Can Dance. ‘Diamond’ combines elements of ambient, folk, electronica, and pop in a captivating array of beautiful, raw emotion.’Diamond’ is one of those albums that lures listeners – seduces them, even – with its dark, somber undertones and lilting atmospherics. It’s intentionally subdued. Dossey teases us with her first full-length track, “Light 4 Light”, an upbeat slice of New Age electro-pop, complete with synths, fading power beats, auto-tune and a handful of ‘ooh ooh ooh yeahs’ that hearken back to 80s New Wave pop. It’s mesmerizing, catchy, and a complete surprise.

But the surprise is short-lived, as the title track follows with a significant down-tune that sets a powerful tone of yearning that lasts the rest of the album. This is not, in fact, a pop record. Instead, Dossey follows a daring path into avant-garde territory, blazing a trail all her own.

It’s a glorious path.

From the cinematic “Not Even Death” to the Celtic inflections in “I Will Wait”, Dossey weaves a world of beauty that I, for one, love being a part of: entrancing soundscapes, hypnotic beats, and Dossey’s aching croon.

“Unyielding” is awash in raw emotion for the Lord. It’s the most straightforward track, and boasts a catchy chorus: “Oh my love is an all consuming fire and my heart is repossessed / You will find with a passion and desire / You cannot be tamed / Your power overcame / You are unyielding”. Sarah’s vocal range is exemplified here. It’s simply gorgeous. She effortlessly glides from lows to highs and back again.

“Map Me Out”, penned by Sara Triana Mitchell, permeates with a slow-burn sensuality: “And we’re happy, darling, but I still miss being your territory…navigate me.” It’s an arresting song: vulnerable, brooding, brave.

Above all, ‘Diamond’ is an exercise in audacity. It’s the mark of a true artist who isn’t afraid of redefining herself and creating something natural from deep within. Sarah Dossey had a vision with ‘Diamond’ and ran with it. As a result, ‘Diamond’ is heartfelt, organic, and breathtaking. May she be a pioneer for artists everywhere.


Review by Jason Ramsey


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