Dream – EP

Dream – EP

Dream – EP 1600 1024 Matt Price

Matt Price
Dream (EP)
6 Tracks
20 minutes

Nashville CCM recording artist Matt Price reinvents himself on ‘Dream’, his new EP featuring five original and relentlessly catchy electro-pop tunes and a stripped acoustic version of his first single, “Beautiful Now”.

‘Dream’ is the follow-up to ‘We Won’t Waver’, a criminally overlooked batch of power-pop anthems that would move masses at modern worship services. ‘Dream’, however, trades guitars for beats and synths and finds Matt Price channeling his inner Justin Timberlake — a shift that’s as natural as it is welcoming. One thing is for certain: no matter the sub-genre, Matt Price knows how to construct a pop song. His appeal is broad-reaching.

His hooks get lodged in heads and stay there for days. And his passion for uplifting his listeners is contagious. Try to listen to this without smiling.

Like Matt’s songwriting, the production value is top notch. Beats are crisp and deep, synths sparkle, pianos echo, and guitars shimmer. Matt’s unique vocal styling is really honed in on, too. His breaks are sharp, and his melodious bellows are matched equally with glorious high notes. ‘Dream’ is the result of a singular vision, a courageous step outside of conventional worship, and should be a staple on Christian pop radio.

'Dream' is the result of a singular vision, and should be a staple on Christian pop radio. @mlpmusic Click To Tweet

Lyrically, Matt emphasizes living life to the fullest in Christ. His words are succinct, direct, and devoid of cliche. He avoids elaborate metaphors, melodramatics, and theatrics. His message, like his vocal styling, is crystal clear and directly on point. Whether urging people to dream with their Maker (‘Dream’), live every moment for Jesus (‘Every Moment’), be comfortable with the bodies they are given (‘Beautiful Now’), let go of fear and doubt (‘Falling Into You’), or simply praise Jesus for being the Rock (‘Fortress’), Matt weaves his message in ways that beautifully affirm life and faith.

As with many EPs, the only downside to ‘Dream’ is that it’s too short. It’s a shame, really, that so many Christian artists have to either self-fund their records because of (a lack of) record labels, or that the labels unfairly dictate what the artists churn out. Artists like Matt Price, who self-fund and write music that comes from the heart, are what make Christian music so exciting and unpredictable.

Talent abounds, and there is no shortage of talent with Matt Price.

Spend ten minutes listening to the highlighted tracks below, and see if you aren’t humming these melodies the rest of the day.

Odds are you will.

And you’ll be in a much better mood as a result.


Review by Jason Ramsey


  1. Dream Matt Price 3:09
  2. Every Moment Matt Price 3:02
  3. Fortress Matt Price 3:21


Matt Price

For Singer/Songwriter Matt Price, there is nothing that makes him more alive than creating music. Songs have been stirring in his heart since before he can remember. “There is a video tape of me at age six dancing like a wild man and singing at the top of my lungs to Billy Joel’s ‘The River of Dreams’. That is one of the earliest musical memories that has stuck with me through the years,” said Matt. In 2003, he experienced a profound moment that changed the course of his life. “When I was a sophomore in high school, I had an experience with God that was a pivotal, life changing moment for me. Michael W. Smith had released a Worship DVD of a live concert in Alberta, Canada, and I will never forget the night that I watched it. I was blown away at the presence of God in that place and Michael’s ability to let it flow through him; it was so powerful that people were literally weeping and worshipping like I had never seen before. I was so moved and touched, and I knew from that moment on that I wanted to make music that would impact others deeply. I knew that God was calling me to ministry,” said Matt. Over the past year, he has worked on fine tuning his writing skills, working with esteemed CCM veteran Cindy Wilt Colville (Jason Ingram, Building 429, Matthew West). He has also had the opportunity to play keys for artists such as Newsong and Francesca Battistelli.

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