The Sunhill Sessions

The Sunhill Sessions

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The Sunhill Sessions
2014 / 10 tracks / 45 minutes

Dust & Daisies defy all logical convention with regards to Christian music. Together, husband and wife duo Rob and Deb Solberg have created a sound that is part blues, part gospel, part Americana, part menacing rock, and all soul. With The Sunhill Sessions, Rob and Deb mix new material with a handful of tracks from their debut EP, Just The Same, and the results are diverse, emotional, and truly outstanding. The album begins with “O Come Down”, which blends traditional blues melody with Rob’s wicked acoustic and electric riffs, and sets the tone perfectly for what is to come. Deb croons, “O come down and set me free/Oh I got trials and troubles deep/O Come down and rescue me”, and we feel it. We feel it because Deb herself has felt it. Over the years, Deb has battled demons, from drug and alcohol abuse to binge eating disorder (she and Rob are active in Celebrate Recovery programs), and her strength and passion are clear. She is a blessing to behold. When she takes the mic, all eyes are on her. She has full command and stage presence. Her vocals soar, whether soft in the hypnotic “Heart In A Cage”, or unleashed in the biting rocker “Glass House”. Rob’s guitar work is a stellar complement. This isn’t cookie-cutter radio ‘blues’. No, Rob matches Deb’s emotion with dissonant chords and menacing riffs. The Sunhill Sessions offers some pop reprieve in the middle, with “Just The Same” and “No Other Love”, which bounce along to piano-lined blues. And the album’s most beautiful track, “In My Darkest Hour”, is cinematic in how it resonates within. It is honest and raw. Heartfelt. Unprocessed. Like the rest of Dust & Daisies’ music, it takes themes of heartbreak, addiction, abuse, and loss, and weaves them into a palpable sound that you can feel. The Sunhill Sessions exquisitely captures the essence and beauty of Dust & Daisies. It is one of the best Christian records of 2014.


Dust & Daisies

In the tradition of legendary blues artists, Dust & Daisies' music is raw and honest, rising out of a past filled with brokenness, abuse, death and loss. But thanks to the love, grace and healing power of Jesus, the story doesn't end there! Founded by husband and wife duo Rob & Deb Solberg, the soulful indie rock band has performed internationally and makes it a point to regularly play at homeless shelters and prisons. Their music and live shows are all about spreading a Christ-centered message of hope & healing.

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