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diglove1600Eddy Mann
Dig Love
2014 / 10 tracks / 43 minutes

On “Dig Love”, Eddy Mann expands his folk roots to include elements of blues, jazz, and pop. The results are outstanding. “Dig Love” plays like an Elmore Leonard novel: surprisingly, impossibly cool. Eddy Mann exudes a subdued East Coast swagger that resonates in his voice and excellent guitar work. From track to track, Eddy’s diverse sounds echo the greats: “Rise Up” recalls Mark Knopfler’s early Dire Straits; “What I Do” echoes Buffett’s island funk; and my favorite track, “I Am, I Was And I Will Be Yours” has a rhythm section worthy of modern Springsteen.

Eddy Mann has an uncanny ability to blend styles and tempos into a sound unique to himself. Whether funky blues like “You, You Make Me Feel” and “I’m Setting My Mind On You” or reflectively quiet on “Seize The Moment” and the striking “Another Trip Around The Sun”, “Dig Love” plays like a carefully constructed and cohesive album, its sum equally great as its parts.

Lyrically, “Dig Love” balances simple reflection (“Seize the moment/Embrace the hour/Faithfully weather the gale”) with quirky, almost amusing bluesy quips (telling God he’s “dialed in right smack on You”). It makes the album fun. There is no way anyone can listen to this album and not be in a better mood as a result.

As you can infer, “Dig Love” is about, well, love. Love in all forms. Love of God. Love of others. Love of life. It offers hope in abundance. Unabashed hope in a time filled with despair. There is a track called “Love Is Splendiferous”. It doesn’t get much more direct than that.

With “Dig Love”, Eddy Mann has written an album that has appeal across generations — a sound at once classic and contemporary. Give it a spin. You’ll be surprised when you find yourself humming it’s hooks and melodies long after you listen. Need proof? See “Home Again”.  Christian folk blues with swag. How cool is that?

Review by Jason Ramsey


Eddy Mann

Eddy Mann is a musician, singer-songwriter, worship leader, teacher, speaker, coach, husband, and father. Whether you know him as one or more of these people, you know his heart, love, and discipleship. Although his past has been playful and colorful at times, it also has been constant in its vision. It's always been a vision of hope, peace and understanding through the eyes of a loving heart. Eddy has led worship in Huntingdon Valley, PA for over fifteen years. Twenty years ago, he made the decision to offer his creative gifts to God. Since then he has released six CDs and written countless songs for the church. On any weekend you can find him in a coffeehouse, in concert, at a conference, and leading worship. Eddy's greatest earthly joy is his family – his wife Susan, daughters Ashley and Maddy, beagle Molly, grandkids Joey Layla, Mia, and Lexi, along with his sponsored children Emerita, Claudia and Gian. Eddy's latest album, “Dig Love”, is a fresh collection of songs that were created with a vision of love. American roots rock with a respectful folk influence that lyrically presents an idyllic, peaceful view of the world. This is an epic love album that will warmly reside in your heart.

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