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Begin-Again 1920 1280 Chris Wheeler

Life is in the Begin-Again (dust and blood and birth); in You Who Are, the Beginning that begets all beginnings. Each morning I am again, blinking through the after-death and…

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Every Seed Must Die

Every Seed Must Die 1920 1280 The Promise Is Hope

The Promise Is Hope Every Seed Must Die © 2018 Old Bear Records 11 Tracks / 36 Minutes “It’s the dark night of the soul / Never slept in a…

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Ian Zumback – The Table

Ian Zumback – The Table 960 960 Ian Zumback

Ian Zumback The Table © 2018 Old Bear Records 10 Tracks / 43 Minutes There’s a reason why this review is several days late. Several days after the official album…

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The Hedgerow Folk – Compass

The Hedgerow Folk – Compass 150 150 Heidi Wheeler

THE HEDGEROW FOLK Compass Folk/Indie 2017 – 10 tracks, 50 minutes Review by Heidi Wheeler Imagine yourself on the front porch of a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. The fire…

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Crucify 150 150 Sarah Rennicke

“What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” Pilate asked. They all answered, “Crucify Him!” “Why? What crime has He committed?” asked Pilate. But they shouted…

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Kingdom 150 150 Glen Wilson

  If you look you can see it, breaking through the cracks, the one coin that drops into an outstretched hand amidst the jingle jangle of full pockets. The hand…

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The Madman And The Poet

The Madman And The Poet 1600 1600 Nate Currin

A MADMAN’S REDEMPTION CALL   NATE CURRIN The Madman And The Poet 12 Tracks / 45 Minutes Review by Jason Ramsey The nights run long, a sprawling sky of moonlit…

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Witness 150 150 Mary Sayler

  When Jesus walks through the walls of our homes or appears on the other side of an arrangement of atoms assembled as stone walls in a prison or walks…

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Wandering Girl

Wandering Girl 150 150 Sarah Rennicke

This world is waking and I slide behind a table in a Hampton Inn. An older gentleman sits in the corner, newspaper lifted around his face. In the line for…

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The Bitter Distance

The Bitter Distance 150 150 Rodney Wilder

Despite the stars that number beyond number, the moon hangs its craters lonesomely. Drifts a distant mother and thinks of us, slips us an earthward smile but shades her heartbroken…

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The Color Of The Sunset

The Color Of The Sunset 150 150 Jay DePoy

She asked, “‘what color is the sunset, daddy?‘” it’s a fusion of orange and purple and black and blue. it’s the color of my heart as we speak the breath…

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Peering Around The Legs Of Saints

Peering Around The Legs Of Saints 150 150 Aidan Rogers

“No, no. We can’t go in there,” she said in a hushed whisper. “That room is holy.” Even at the tender age of 3, my heart heard the implication: and…

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