Escapement From The Valley Of Death

Escapement From The Valley Of Death

Escapement From The Valley Of Death 150 150 Adrian Encomienda

The night had beckoned at my door
With sackcloth colored hair and robe
And in my mind I knew it was
My time to leave this flesh and blood

Trusting him has made me seen
The crooked portrait become straight
Beneath the sun, we breathe and say
We’ll keep this life of flesh and blood

The light had searched me in and out
But darkness kept me in his chest
Of diamonds, jade and ruby jewels
To keep me on abysmal crests

These eyes had grown to love the shine
Of diamonds, jade and other jewels
But once I caught a glimpse of light
The longing for His glory grew

The light has beckoned at my door
With everlasting hope and love
The time has finally come for me
To leave this realm of flesh and blood


Adrian Encomienda

Adrian Encomienda was born in Phoenix, Arizona to a creative family whom raised him to love literature. His work has been published in print by poetry journals and through online literature journals. He first grew fond of literature after reading John Bunyan's "The Holy War".

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