The First Christmas Light

The First Christmas Light

The First Christmas Light 150 150 Sherry Schmied

In the commercialized fog that is American consumerism, we easily forget.

We forget that He was the first Christmas light, turned on in a world of rolling darkness. We forget that hope roared for the first time in the opening of our Savior’s eyes. We forget that true love dawned in a manger. We forget that the greatest gift was not wrapped in sparkle paper or adorned with a bow. This child, this tender creature, was a majesty come to save us from the curses of a world in downward spiral.

The story of Christmas is one of magnificence. It is a story of selfless hope, power, complete sacrifice, and pure unmatched love. It is an opening of arms to seek a second chance.  It is a reminder, an example, and a lesson in that the greatest things this life has to offer us cannot be bought.

The hope in a sunrise. The release in a sunset. Music. Making someone laugh when you know they haven’t laughed in a long time. Being understood in the arms and eyes of others. The simple rises and falls of our chests. Tomorrow’s promises in the eyes of our children.

These are all God’s fingerprints. Each day is an unwrapped gift. Each moment an unwrapped moment. Each chance an unwrapped chance.

We are not born blind but with our eyes closed. All we have to do is open our eyes. There is a light. A light to live inside of us and to guide us through our midnights. The light has been there for the longest time now.

It is a light and promise that came alive in a manger. An unwrapped gift. The baby boy that lay in Mary’s arms that first Christmas night, a bouquet of God’s greatest gift to mankind, would live to die for each of us.

The blessing of that night, continues to pulsate throughout our lives. It is a gift that is free and that we do not deserve. A gift paid in the ultimate currency of life and blood. How full our life and how everlasting the life that awaits when we open our hearts to Jesus Christ.


Sherry Schmied

Sherry is a Christian woman, a wife, and a Mom. She enjoys writing and photography in her spare time and works as an ESL tutor to Korean students over the internet. She lives in Chipley, Florida with her husband and their two year old daughter, Adilaina. Her husband, Austin, attends the Baptist College of Florida, where he is a student in the Missions and Aviation program and is working towards his calling of becoming a missionary pilot.

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