Flammable 1920 1079 Prasanta Verma

Approaching flames
warm hands and
wake the mind, sparks

sear the heart,
ignite fiber of truth—
a thread of hunger burns.

Dust catches fire,
blazes across centuries—
a line is traced

on hearts of men
and maps of time.
I know where

I belong. In red embers
where love transforms
smoking ash,

I find myself, a fading
flower, a temporal vapor
with flammable soul.


Prasanta Verma

Prasanta Verma is a poet, writer, blogger, occasional artist, and aspiring author. Born under an Asian sun and raised in the Appalachian foothills in the southern U.S., she is currently digging out of snow piles in the upper Midwest. She is a mom of three and coaches high school debate.

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