Gated Lungs

Gated Lungs

Gated Lungs 150 150 Sherry Schmied


my broken hallelujah put back together.
The grace between my palms,
Pointed in prayer.
His breath
a wind’s rhythm in my gated lungs
rattling in life’s hurricane.
Blinded I find,
crashing into outstretched words
I was born by His hands.


Sherry Schmied

Sherry is a Christian woman, a wife, and a Mom. She enjoys writing and photography in her spare time and works as an ESL tutor to Korean students over the internet. She lives in Chipley, Florida with her husband and their two year old daughter, Adilaina. Her husband, Austin, attends the Baptist College of Florida, where he is a student in the Missions and Aviation program and is working towards his calling of becoming a missionary pilot.

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